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tv   11 News Sunrise  NBC  September 8, 2009 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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for the weekend. >> yes. we have a strong area of low pressure that is spinning off the coast of the carolinas. it is creeping ever so slowly towards the mid atlantic. clouds are going to be around today and mostly through friday. some of the rains will be heavy. i wish we had more uplifting news weather wise. 69 is the forecast high for our suburbs around a central maryland. not a lot of deviation from where we are right now. the slicnice easily flow is comg in. >> we will see how that impacts the ride. right now is looking good. no delays to report and no incidents at this time.
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let's take a look at the speed sensors. and 58 miles per hour on the j.f.x. 65 on southbound 795. overall, it is running smoothly. this is the bay bridge on the eastern shore. everything has been cleared there and it is back to normal. let's check on what else as going on. the vw -- the bwi parkway is looking in. >> class from controversy. president obama is giving a back-to-school speech. >> it is intended to be a pep talk. but it has many concerned that he will push an agenda.
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the white house has released the speech in advance. he encourages students to take responsibility for their education. our team coverage begins with our washington bureau reporter. >> we want to tell our children to stay in school and work hard. that is the right message to send. >> president barack obama defended his remarks as the white house released the full text of his speech on line. he said if you quit on school, you are quitting on your country. he encourages students to set their own goals for their education. at the end, he says he expects them to get serious this year and put their best effort into everything they do. >> after reading the text, my kids will be watching the speech as i hope all kids will. >> that is a 180 from one of
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the critics. >> it should be kept to the parents to decide. >> some school districts may not bear it. >> the political climate is very high. >> former first lady laura bush weighed in. >> there is a place for the president of united states to encourage school children. >> that was nikole killion reporting. the controversy has been at some schools here in maryland. some have decided not to show the speech live. an analyst with spoke with has strong opinions about it. our reporter has the latest. >> broadcast of the presidential address. they are calling for a change. >> they do not understand the controversy.
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the harvard school board is not allowing the president addressed to be seen live by students. it has guidelines mandating that all videos and broadcasts be screened. >> what we would like to do is record the address and then allow our teachers and our curriculum advisers to view it and decide what is the best way we can use that in our curriculum. >> the harvard county branch of the naacp is disgusted by the situation. >> i was absolutely outraged over the decision that was made by harford county schools. why do they have to previewed the president addressed? this is the president of the united states. >> the white house post a copy of the speech on its web site. those opposed to the president speaking directly to schoolchildren cite concerns that he will use the concerns to promote his agenda. one local political expert has come up with another reason. he believes it is race. >> they want to prevent the obama administration from doing
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well. the want to prevent obama from acting as president. >> the state conference of the naacp says they want the superintendent to step in and make the harford county school board change their policy. you can view a copy of the president's speech on our website fastball -- on our web site at wbal tv 11 news. >> that brings us to our watercooler question of the day. do you think the president's speech whould be screened by school officials before it's shown to students? email us your response to that's a woman fell head over heels question. she fell 10 feet down a rocky cliff. she was rescued by helicopter.
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she had trouble breathing after landing on her chest. she briefly lost consciousness. her injuries are not life- threatening. police said in maryland a teenager who has been missing for months and not be found. the teenager disappeared in myrtle beach after a baseball tournament. authorities are not sure if his body could be washed out to sea or submerge. >> firefighters did not give the day of destiny. but many got a visit from vice- president joe biden in suburban philadelphia. cars and marching bands made their way down the streets in maryland. there was a labor day parade which has occurred every year for the last 42 years. despite the down economy, fair
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officials say many people passed through the gates this year, more than last year. there was something for everyone to do at the fair which is a big reason why it did well. still ahead, unhappy with your weight? we will tell you what your unwanted fat can be used for. it can be put to good use. >> look at how one of popular comedian deals with a full schedule. that is coming up. >> if you're getting ready to make your way out there on the area roadways. no problems to report. we will give you an update coming up.
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back to work and school. carry the umbrella. we are seeing a change in the gorgeous weather pattern that we started the month out with.
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cool conditions all week long. a good chance of showers throughout the day. the strongest rain around ocean city in our state and around virginia beach and off the coast of the carolinas. heavy amounts of rain and flash flooding expected there. a little light rain possible this morning. it may happen for you. 68 degrees. not a lot of deviation in these temperatures when you get off of the school bus this afternoon. possible showers. we will be below the high of 81. scattered showers in northeast winds are expected for the day. more of the same tomorrow. i will let you know when it will clear out coming up later in the forecast. >> in the medical alert, could
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kedging the common cold affects memory loss in alzheimer's? researchers discovered a link between infection and a protein in the blood. alzheimer's patients who had a cold experienced memory loss at twice the rate as patients who had no infections. >> up-to-the-minute information on the swine flu virus could be as close to a cell phone. outbreak near me can provide real-time info on the swine flu you can set it to alert you when an outbreak is occurring in your neighborhood. you can report outbreaks yourself. the world. researchers are converting fat cells into ips cells. cell in the body.
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similar studies have been done using skin cells. those cells are easier to use because they do not need to be grown in a lab and do not require help from other cells. it is 5:42. a contract in job gone horribly wrong. how is state is helping the family out nearly two years later. >> up next, we will update weather and traffic for your morning commute. stay with us. the you are watching 11 news today.
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towels, sheets and then there was the stuff he wanted... like a new microwave.
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and because of walmart's unbeatable prices, we were able to get it all. ...and then some. set them up for success-- for less. save money. live better. walmart. >> that morning. we have our first accident right over this bridge. no other delays otherwise. and nice ride. a 12 minute ride on the west side of the loop.
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here's a live view of traffic at i 70. we are watching for delays as you make your exit there. nothing major at the moment. volume is picking up. overall, a nice wide over here -- ride over here. here is 95 at the fort mchenry. no delays at the toll plaza. that is the latest. let's get another truck on the buses and the trains. >> we have a few bust aversions to report. one at -- bus diversions to report. one is at saratoga and green. the metro subway is on time. light rail is on time. now back to sandra shaw.
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quackenbus>> hope your doing we. we do not have the best weather news to bring you. it is going to be very unsettled today and for the rest of the week. a good chance of rain, very cool and windy. you're looking at an area of low pressure spinning off the shores of carolina. places like the ocean city will be under the gun today. in baltimore, there will be times of rain. most of it will be to our south and east. los 70's at best today. -- an 70' low 70's best today. 60's across the board today. we are not going to see a lot of deviation from the temperature
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rose range today. not a big temperature range. we will see showers and storms in the mountains of western maryland today with gusty winds. the winds are north easterly at 10-15 knots. around baltimore, up around 69 degrees-72. a referee's day today. 70 -- a roth beach day today. a small -- rough the state today. we will not be near the record high of 100. or the record low. we should be 59 tonight. scattered showers a northeasterly winds can be expected.
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this system is moving slowly bringing in the easterly flow of the elastic. of more moisture is coming in. it will not exit the women and -- it will not exited the area until friday. it is going to be cool and wet, damp and moist throughout the entire week. here is the breakdown. we will start to try to dry out friday. sunday, finally looking good. >> thank you.
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>> to years ago we told you about this house. now the state of maryland has stepped in. is it enough to take care of all the problems caused by a contractor? >> in 2007, she told the i-team that her house was unfinished and underfed. she hired a licensed contractor in june 2005. the work stopped a year later. he packed a pistol and left. he claims that they did the work. the homeowner says that the work was not finished and she refused to pay the final payment. a baltimore county inspector listed 11 code violations. at the end of 2006, garrison died.
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>> it has been the worst four years of my life. i tried to make the best of the situation. i do not want family and friends to come over because i am embarrassed. i am embarrassed to let anybody come in. >> she has received payment coming maryland guarantee fund. she had to prove that she suffered a monetary loss resulting from the contractors in complete work or abandonment of the job without justification. the check is for $20,000. >> what are we going to do with this money? it is not enough to do anything with. we will not get very far with it. we will have to try to stretch as far as we can stretch it. >> it garrison and not been license, she would not to receive anything from the state. the estimates to repair her home are beyond $100,000.
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where to begin as a major decision. >> we know we have to fix our front porch railing. the structure of the house is more important. >> as we told you back in 2007, she wanted to tear down this house. she is still looking at it as an option. for the i-team. >> there is much more ahead on 11 news today. >> we would take a look at one of your answers for the watercooler question of the day. >> here is a look at the winning lottery numbers from last night. good luck.
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>> the countdown continues for the new jail and a show. -- new jay leno show. >> he did 160 standup dates while hosting the late-night show last year. >> thank you for watching. >> and jay leno has the summer off from doing tv. >> good night, we will see you in september. >> that does not mean he had a vacation. >> i like to work. i find work relaxing. >> his version of kicking back this summer meant working the country. he made, the club stops and promotional appearances for his new show. on monday, the real work begins. >> three times as much comedy
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each show than we did on the tonight show. that is a tremendous challenge. >> he covers national media for "the new york times". he wrote about the late night battles. >> he works. he puts in tremendous effort. he never lets up. >> jay leno says that work ethic comes from his mom. >> she always said you will have to work harder than the other kids to get the same thing. that has always worked for me. >> nbc is counting on that approach. >> television is divided in millions of pieces. he is able to bring a lot of people together on a network show. that is very difficult. he may be the only chance to get that opportunity. >> nbc news. >> jay leno worked all summer. he is running several malls the day and has lost several pounds. -- several miles a day and has
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lost 10 pounds. >> one person writes that president bush's speech for president reagan's speech work screens. wake up america. people should ask themselves what are they really afraid of? we will close all the answers on the front page of our website. lucinda is approaching. do you know how to take care of yourself? >> and we will take a look at whether the economy has taken a toll on one of maryland's favorite pastimes. >> a sleeping baby encounters a near-death experience. we will tell you what happened.
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>> in just a few minutes, president obama is going to address school students and some parents are threatening to keep their students at home. >> one school district in maryland is not showing that broadcast live. we will tell you why straight ahead. >>, as the environment and the economy affected the crabbing industry this year? we will have a report coming up.


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